“Why do you run away from people so much?”

After the first stranger I had fallen in love with went I have had a few close calls with other people. I call them close calls because nothing really happened. I'm guessing the other person and myself just assumed that there could be something but there was not. As the other person waited on the... Continue Reading →



It is hours of wasting away the feeling of infinity in the vast but limited planes of the internet. It is sleeping the days away, knowing what you want, and not.  It is watching everything move past you outside the car window, or finding yourself staring at the sky, wondering if there exists a moment... Continue Reading →

Oh how you hurt me.

Oh how you hurt me, cut so tenderly  where lines are already drawn on my bare skin. Oh how you burn me, set me ablaze  in every moment of silence and tranquil. Oh how you built me up in nights and days  until there were none. Oh how you hurt me and still do in... Continue Reading →

The Complexity of Being.

Does feeling sad truly make you sad? Does home still feel like home? Which corners do you run to when you wish to be alone? How do you breathe? You say you are neither man or woman, not insect nor animal, is it through your gills, through your nose or your skin? Or do you... Continue Reading →

Whole Truth, Partial Fury.

I believe that there is good in all of us, but that doesn't mean make all of us good. I am being neither pessimistic, or optimistic.  I only intend to confront the truth. To speak out loud the things we rarely ever say. For months and months I have tried to hide behind a veil,... Continue Reading →


Something, someplace beckons to me and my heart longs to answer the call. But this place I know nothing of is too far for even my outstretched hand, my fingertips to reach. I'm longing to be someplace, to be with someone I don't know yet, longing to be carried away to a place of magic... Continue Reading →

un nouveau monde.

The vast night reverberates with echoes of infinity among bodies tangling and unwinding, a thousand hearts soaring through the pitch black skies. Swimming in an air brimming with possibilities, the echo strengthens in me and builds up new hope, fragile but strong. I can feel the thunder of feet coming to crush me I can... Continue Reading →


I do not feel as though the skin I am wearing is mine for the bearing, but nonetheless, my heart rests, as I have given up a part of my soul for it to beat in silence.

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