me -> alone = inevitable

  every person who has ever left me taught me that, and i understand them. i’ve coped well with that in a matter of years and have believed i was doing better on my own. and i was, for a time. i found that everything was easier, and thought relationships to be overrated. to me... Continue Reading →


Time changes things, but not everything. Today you are a lost friend, a final phone call, or a change in habits away from yesterday. You could become everything you swore you'd never be at one point in your life. You could do things you told yourself you never would. Whatever your reasons were for all... Continue Reading →

my blood’s gone cold

when was the last time somebody called you beautiful, and said it in such a way that made you feel like it's true? did it branch from your ears and stretch out, spreading like slivers of warmth going in all directions, across your veins? did your hairs stand on one end? did you smile without... Continue Reading →


it was the dawn of summer when you left. i remember the colors, and i remember the air. i see it all when i close my eyes. there are ghosts of March everywhere. and now that the past and my present have aligned, i hear the echoes calling louder, a broken siren, a distress signal.... Continue Reading →


Breathe in, darling, and don't forget to breathe out. The night is ending, and all the candles have gone out. Say your good byes, and say your prayers. Kill the lights and kill your thoughts, tell your heart it still has time, that it doesn't have to race for the daylight. Lay down softly, and rest easy,... Continue Reading →

prayers & answers.

Points have met as lines were drawn The borderlines were hazy but not for long As an unnamed wind dried the tears from all eyes All grinned and smiled at God in the sky


Maybe I hurt you just as much as you hurt me. You made my world lighter, but were you ever happy?


i am a ghost behind a screen, and you are the warm, beating thing on the other side. among a list of a hundred names, my finger hovers above yours but i always end up talking to a number of different people when it's you that i want to talk to. some times i find... Continue Reading →


i am keeping myself away from you because i cannot keep you away from me. i don't think you fully comprehend that we are neither moth or flame but we are similar magnets. all we do is repel the other even though at first glance, it may seem as though we're good together. but we... Continue Reading →

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